“I cannot recommend Izzy highly enough. She will take care of your dog like he/she is her own. When we took Dasha home from the breeder she already was 4 months old. It was our first dog so we were worried about how to raise a dog properly. And a friend of mine has strongly recommended Izzy as the puppy expert in Chelsea!

Izzy trains your dog and teaches you everything you need to know about having a dog: from the basic commands to your dog’s specific needs, but also the best routine answering your dog’s personality, even what is the best food… When our dog was not eating the right foods Izzy recognised there was a problem (Dasha’s coat wasn’t shiny, she has dandruff and she wasn’t eating well) and we were able to get her on a better diet.

In short, Izzy is exactly who you want with your dog!

Dasha gets so excited every time she sees Izzy!”

Berry – Dasha’s owner

IZZY: Thank you Berry! Indeed Dasha, aka “little Dashoune” was already a 4-month-old puppy when she left the breeder, so she didn’t have a chance to benefit of a proper socialisation and habituation. This period that ends at 16 weeks of age is the most important in a puppy’s life. This is the time where your puppy is building her temperament for life. Because of that Dasha has always shown a lack of confidence when outside… refusing to walk, being scared of strangers, people in uniforms, people walking too close behind her, loud noises,… so for little Dasha a walk can be very stressful, unless she is in your arms or her carrier bag and then she feels safer. Luckily, little Dasha is a member of a loving family that will do a lot to help their beloved dog to feel better. Berry, being a busy mom of 3 children, has taken “The full tailored training package” in Residential Training to teach Dasha the mains behaviours, we also have worked on her reactivity towards strangers but Dasha needs a calm environment to be able to progress, so I gave Berry a calmness protocol to follow. Now, even if Dasha is still not rushing out for a walk (as still a bit apprehensive), she is able to walk bonding with her owner, who reinforces eye contacts and therefore is less distracted by all the scary things around her. 

Dasha is now also a member of Izzy Premium Puppy Training Club, where her mom benefits (like all members) of weekly tailored training tips & tricks videos to keep her on track and guide her in developing the most peaceful and happy relationship with her dog!