Izzy Dog Training-Modern Dog Trainer

Bonjour and welcome to Izzy’s world!

Are you worried about becoming a puppy owner soon and looking for help to make it smooth?

Are you a 1st-time dog owner and would like to learn all the basics to raise a perfect puppy?

Are you a busy city puppy owner and wish you could have a worry-free “day-care adventure & training” formula? Taking care of your puppy for a break in the nearby countryside while you are at work.


Who is Izzy?

My name is Izzy… dog trainer.

I am first of all a dog owner like you. Goldy, my dog, is a female weimaraner and I couldn’t imagine my family without her. Yes she is a member of the family and she needs/deserves love, care and respect like we all do.

What you give to your dog he is going to give you back 200% and even more!



Your puppy is my priority, and I believe your puppy deserves:

RESPECT – of your dog’s personality & breed needs and use positive training methods

TRUST – become your dog’s best friend and make your dog feel safe all the time

LOVE – Take time for your dog, cuddle & play with your puppy and take good care of your dog

Those 3 values are the key elements to bonding and developing the best-ever relationship with your dog.

I believe focusing on prevention, teaching your dog from day 1 what you want him to do, to preventing bad habits from developing is the key to a well-behaved and happy dog.

I believe having a well-behaved dog in the long term is all about answering your dog’s specific needs and training follow-up. Indeed, training your dog isn’t fixing him in a few sessions, and that’s it. It is a process to implement in your daily routine forever.




“A friend of mine who got a puppy last summer and had chosen Izzy’s Puppy Home School to train her 3-months-old Cavapoo, has warmly recommended me Izzy. She told me ‘our dog came back home knowing all the good habits, had lost the bad ones and was answering the basic commands”.