“Training Catie with Izzy is a fun family affair. We all have a great time, laugh a lot and Catie becomes better behaved by the day. She sits, lays down, goes to bed, stays, answers to her name etc when we tell her to. Izzy is providing the positive training we were looking for! Moreover, she customized the training exactly to our needs and adapted it to our dog’s personality. When I travel I leave our dear dog with Izzy fully confident that she’ll be treated with all the love and care I’d give her myself. Catie loves Izzy and thoroughly enjoys her walks in the park with her and her other dogs, now Catie’s best friends. Izzy constantly sends great pictures and fun videos of Catie’s daily activities and I couldn’t be more confident of the quality of her care. Five stars recommendation”.

– Tatu, Catie’s owner