TESTIMONIAL: the story of NOVA


 “I heard about Izzy from my sister who strongly recommended her services to me and gave me The Puppy Training Mag. I was worried about having to go away for my business, especially because Nova wasn’t trained yet to be alone and without me and also we were having a hard time with the children and Nova’s play biting and getting over excited. Izzy was a fantastic trainer from the first meeting, really helping me to understand the nature of dogs (I’m a first-time owner) and the distinct personality of my puppy. Nova has stayed on Residential Training with Izzy and he came back all grown up, knowing what was good behaviour and I’m so much happier that I know how to lead his development into a young man now! Thanks so much Izzy, you have been fantastic.”   Colin – Nova’s owner

IZZY: “Thank you Colin, I am glad you are happy and now you feel more confident knowing exactly how to guide Nova efficiently to become a perfect adult dog. You did very well to choose the Residential Training at this age, between 12 to 16 weeks of age your puppy is learning very fast and doesn’t have too much unwanted behaviours yet, so this is the perfect time to build good foundations and settle good habits. Indeed, I believe starting with good habits makes life smoother for the whole family. I believe teaching your puppy what to do before he gets bad habits, is more effective and peaceful for you and for your puppy. Also, this very short period for socialisation and habituation that end at 16 weeks of age is the most important time of your puppy’s life as this is the period your puppy is building his confidence and temperament. If you miss this period not socialising your puppy enough or habituate your puppy properly to everything, there is a greater chance for your puppy to develop behavioural problems in the future. Nova was very lucky as you gave him the opportunity to be socialised and habituated to everything while you were busy with work.

Boarding your puppy during 3 weeks of Residential Training will assure you a well behaved puppy without stress and more time for you. The hard job will be done, and you will feel as relaxed as your dog!”