“When we moved to London last fall, we promised our kids a puppy dog. Sure enough, on Easter day we picked up an adorable 9-week jack-a-poo female that we named Nassau. Trouble is, we had no idea what to do. Worse, the first thing Nassau did when she arrived at her new home is wee-wee on our beautiful silk carpet!
Parents from our kids’ school told us about this amazing lady – Izzy – that they rely on for training, day care and boarding. We contacted her for an at-home training session. The session was very informative and Izzy shared with us invaluable information on how to train dogs along with a number of very useful tips, tricks and tools.However, we came to realize that the early days of training are critical and we were worried that our kids would inadvertently instil bad habits that would last a lifetime. So we decided to send Nassau to a three-week residential training at Izzy’s.

All in all, it was a great investment. Izzy taught Nassau a number of commands/behaviours and instilled how to behave around toilet, being left alone, playing with other dogs, whining and barking, etc. Izzy also introduced Nassau to different environments – for example the tube, bus, pub, rain, street noises, house noises – to make her feel comfortable and confident.

While at izzy’s, Nassau had plenty of opportunities to socialize with other dogs and even a cat. Her residential training coincided with another puppy and she benefited from both one-on-one and group training. Nassau also benefited from co-habiting with Izzy’s larger and older dog Goldy and her cat and from interacting with several other dogs that use Izzy’s premium doggy day care.

Izzy’s philosophy and approach is positive, calm and nurturing – yet with consistency. Nassau came back as a happy, confident and well-behaved dog. She did not forget us while away and was very happy to re-integrate the family home. Izzy came to our home for a couple of follow-up training sessions and equipped us with a valuable toolkit to reinforce the learned behaviours and work on the more advanced ones.

We wholeheartedly recommend Izzy for dog training and day care. We liked her so much that we are sending Nassau back for the summer where she will reunite with her dog buddies for a “summer camp” boarding experience!  Thank you Izzy!”

Catherine – owner Nassau

IZZY: “Thank you so much Catherine, it was a pleasure to have Nassau completing her 1st degree of Izzy’s Puppy Home School! You made the right choice sending little Nassau to help you starting with good habits and avoiding bad habits taking place. Especially with Nassau as she was totally overwhelmed by the outside world: such as motorbikes, runners, people walking around, scooters, busy streets, dogs… and it was very important to do the right things with her to help her developing confidence. Without knowing exactly what to do, Nassau could have become reactive forever. But she has made amazing progress, I am very proud of her and you are doing a very good job with the follow up, so I am proud of you too! Bravo Catherine!

Izzy’s Puppy Home School will assure you a well-behaved puppy, outsourcing all the stress, worry and frustration.”