“Last summer our family was preparing to welcome Cocoa, our Cavapoo puppy, to our home.  I wanted our Cocoa’s transition into our busy family to be smooth and successful, and I know from having dogs as a child that a well-trained dog is a happy dog.  Several of my friends who have well-behaved dogs shared the secret to their success – Izzy! Izzy has been invaluable.  Even before Cocoa’s arrival, Izzy helped us to navigate the endless options for puppy “equipment” – beds, collar, leads, food, training toys and feeding.  She also gave us wonderful advice about training we could do as a family over the first few days to help her to feel comfortable in our home and start things off on the right foot.  Cocoa also did residential training with Izzy, which was a lifesaver because Izzy really trained her to be a “city pup” and habituate to the varied circumstances that we encounter in Central London, such as busy roads, loud traffic, construction, different types of dogs. Izzy really took the time to understand the needs of our family and helped us to understand how Cocoa interprets and responds to our behaviours, especially during the different phases of puppy development.  This is one of the reason we are so happy being members of “The Izzy puppy training club” as we benefit, among others, of one year of tailored coaching and guidance through videos we can watch when we have time, so this is very convenient. Izzy has a very loving approach and she really picks up on any changes in Cocoa’s behaviour and gives us wonderful advices throughout the first year of our puppy – we always look forward to Izzy’s weekly tips and tricks videos they are so useful!”

Ryan Marie – Cocoa’s owner

IZZY: Thank you so much Ryan Marie! Indeed training your puppy isn’t just about taking 8 training sessions and that’s it everything is fixed forever. It doesn’t work like this! That would be too simple (and maybe a bit boring as well, isn’t it?) The tailored 121 training sessions are very important to start with before puppy arrives as we did with Cocoa and to teach the basic behaviours the first few weeks of age. Then, especially the 1st year of puppy development, your puppy is going through different phases as you mentioned and it is important to know why, but also what to do and how to do it taking into consideration your puppy’s personality but also the owner’s personality and the environment; this is not information you can find online.  Your puppy is learning all the time in interaction with what is happening around and the way puppy perceives the environment. So I have created the “Izzy puppy training club” to offer guidance to my members following their puppy’s development and answering the specific problems they all encounter such as the fear periods, for example, that could be propitious to traumas for the rest of puppy’s life, if not handled properly.”