« We really wanted a dog but we were nervous as first time dog owners.  A friend of mine who got a puppy last summer and had chosen Izzy’s Puppy Home School to train her 3-monthS-old Cavapoo, has warmly recommended me Izzy. She told me ‘our dog came back home knowing all the good habits, had lost the bad ones and was answering the basic commands’. Izzy met with us and went through everything we needed to prepare and know from helping us find the best supplies and snacks to teaching us the basics of what to do with a puppy and setting up our home to be puppy ready. In just a few weeks, Bailey was completely house trained and sleeping through the night. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without her! What we are most impressed by however is Izzy’s care and commitment to Bailey. She checks in on him when he’s sick, makes sure he is up to date on treatments, and genuinely cares about his development and well-being. We now recommend Izzy’s Puppy Training Club and her Residential Training to all of our friends who have and are getting dogs! »

Elena & Jay – Bailey’s owners

IZZY: “Thank you so much Elena and Jay, I am glad the work we have done together was helpful. You have done a very good job: 1st you have contacted me before getting your puppy and we have done a 1st consultation before Bailey arrived; also you have listened carefully and followed all my advice about the house layout, daily routine and housetraining and therefor you got results very quickly regarding the potty training and the whole night of sleep. Then we met again on the first day Bailey arrived, and again a few days after to start the training; we did 3-4 sessions of training and as soon as Bailey got all his vaccines you gave him the great opportunity to do the residential training with me. During these few weeks spent with me, Bailey has learned how to be a well-behaved dog with strong foundations.

Indeed, I believe starting with good habits makes life smoother for the whole family. I believe teaching your puppy what to do before he gets bad habits, is more effective and peaceful for you and for your puppy. With the Residential training you could rely on me to do the hard job of teaching the basic behaviours. Once the foundations are there, the follow up and daily reinforcement is much easier to do.

Boarding your puppy during 3 weeks of Residential Training will assure you a well-behaved puppy outsourcing all the stress, worry and frustration.”