£12/h walk per dog
£18/90 mins walk per dog
* Notice for cancellation for walking is 24 hours. Last-minute cancellations are due in full.

No time to take your dog for a long walk, socializing with others, running and sniffing in the park everyday?

You are sick and just need someone temporarily to walk your dog in the morning and the evening?

Whatever your needs Izzy can help you to take care of your beloved dog.

Izzy walking philosophy:

  • Walking time is not only a simple walk… but playing games and training the dog to stimulate his brain, socialise and develop a good behaviour and happiness.
  • Dogs are free off lead… only if you agree and if the dog has a good recall, but we do it slowly with new dogs… always step by step.
  • When I walk dogs I play with them with the ball, dogs plays together to socialise which is very important for them and especially for a puppy and each time we do a little training: coming back when I call, sit, stay, lay down, jump over things… all this always playing games and giving them rewards.
  • My philosophy is positive training only respecting, teaching and rewarding the dog. Positive training is all about rewarding the behaviour we like and redirecting the behaviour you don’t like in a fun way.
  • Guide your dog to do things because he wants and never because he is forced. I never ever use fear or dominance or intimidation.I am a dog owner and a real animal lover.